Indian Remy hair is extremely popular in South Africa, and its popularity is bleeding into other cultures. Women are attracted to the purity of hair, and the natural beauty it offers from a very select group of individuals. Virgin hair has its own set of features. It is untouched and pure. Women need to be concerned with the purity, texture, and color options for Indian hair.

There are various textures available with Indian Remy hair. The far more common style is the slightly wavy style. It is more readily available by being the common style with Indian hair. But, some weave makers will craft an Indian weave that has deep waves. Women do not often prefer this style because it is not the natural look that Indian hair has. Purists will find it a frustrating deviation of Indian hair, but it is an option in the market. Most, fortunately, remain undyed and untouched.

Color is another element with Indian hair that brings a bit of controversy. There are color options available for Indian weaves, but some women may find that impure. In short, virgin Indian hair will almost always come in a shade of dark brown. There are pure and natural black colors, but they are extremely rare. Black Indian hair that is died is not considered natural or virgin though there is a market for it. All the hair provided through most suppliers will promise undyed hair, and that may limit the color options.

Interestingly, women should be made aware that there are subtle differences in color from one strand to another. Hair is naturally a little mixed and is rarely one full color. The weaves are dispersed with darker and slightly lighter shades for a superior natural look. The right provider will not dye the weaves, which would be impure.

natural Indian hair can appear incredibly seamless and natural. Women will want to care for their extensions or weaves just as they would their own hair. Delicate treatment, consistent washing, and a nice palette of colors will make for a deliciously natural appearance. Thankfully, Indian weaves are known for their sleek and natural look.